Let us introduce the view, the way and the specialty of CPSS...

CPSS views security as an important productive function and not merely a protective one. Productive means any function is done with a purpose in line with the main objective of the client's business. The security guards standing at the gate or at any other posts are expected to...

  • 1. Man the post.
  • 2. Maintain records.
  • 3. Prevent pilferage, unwanted visitors.
  • 4. Record in and out traffic of people and vehicles.
  • 5. Record inward and outward materials flow.
  • 6. Recording of time when overtime production work is in progress.
  • 7. Keeping vigil on the entire premises.
  • 8. Being always alert for intrusions.
  • 9. Adopting safety measures and informing management in case of any shortfall in it.
  • 10. Maintaining a detached familiarity with employees.
  • 11. Collecting intelligence on any anti-management moves by the employees.
  • 12. Prevention of unauthorized entry and unauthorized usage of facilities by employees on holidays / after office hours.
  • 13. Patrolling the entire / allotted area depending on the size of the premises.
  • 14. Watching when loading & unloading activities take place.
  • 15. Extending a solid support to management in case of any internal disturbance.
  • 16. Executing any implict and or explicit orders given by management regarding security.