We enter into a service contract with each client only after a SURVEY of the Site / Premise is done by us. The survey includes...

a. Physical surveillance of the premises and the area surrounding it..

b. The movement of people, materials and vehicles.

c. Knowing the existing security procedures.

d. Work timing, over time details, various authorizations and authorizing authorities.

e. Closing, locking, sealing methods.

f. Contract workers, work natures, permits and the rules governing them.

g. Physical verification - if introduced, onwhom etc.

h. Lighting, sirens, fire extinguishers, hydrants, first aid kits.

i. Nearest hospital, police stations, ambulance service, fire stations.

We submit out survey report only if any additions or deletions are tobe incorporated to the existing systems.

Once the contract is entered we deploy our personnel on the day appointed by our clients in full strength.

Once deployed CPSS assures that none of the posts will be vacant on any occasion, whatever the reason be.

We also emphasise that since our guards are trained to execute their duties without fear or favour, on any occasion, at any cost, the officers and or staff of the client will not be allowed into the premises without proper authority.

No goods or materials will be allowed out of the premises without proper document irrespective of who is taking them out.

We do not allow or entertain our guards asking any favour from the clients or their staff.

We equally do not entertain our clients extending any financial assistance to our guards as they are paid properly regularly an on time.

We also advise our clients or their staff not to entertain any recommendations for job by the guards.

Our guards are trained to politely refuse to execute any non security job if asked by the officers or staff of our clients.

We ask for a monthly review meeting with our clients wherein the clients can make their observations on the omissions and commissions made by our security personnel.The meeting will be minuted and corrective actions will be taken by CPSS. The corrective actions taken and their status will be reported in the next review meeting.

Though certain guards found to be more suitable for certain posts we reserve the right to shuffle them in order to give the clients a maximum security.

Ours is a professional organization. Our relations with the clients are professional. We seek a professional understanding from our clients.