Security is mainly an abstract phenomenon exposes itself only when a breach or lack of it leads to an unwanted incident or event. Nothing can be said to be secure because the preventive measures are taken passively; unless they are practiced actively the unwanted or untoward incident is prone to happen. As the experience reminds one that the mere presence of a fire extinguisher cannot prevent anything from catching fire; but surely it can contain it and prevent it from spreading. The carelessness or overconfidence of any person or a system would have caused the ignition. Here the security measure is under-employed.

We believe not to trust anything or anyone as security-proof. Our experience has time and again proved us to expect the unexpected thing from an unexpected person at an unexpected time. We know our roles as 'watchdogs but not bloodhounds'. Our only objective is to see that the immovable properties are intact and safe and the movable properties are to be moved only with proper authorization; nothing else matters.,, To effectively implement our way of providing full security the following steps are taken.


We recruit people who are physically fit, mentally alert and emotionally strong. Though the emphasis is on being active, we are not tempted to take people who are 'just young'. Youth, except for the hot blood, lacks maturity and judgement. We take people who are responsible for themselves, for their families, for the employers and for the society. People without any reference are not encouraged. People with political affiliation are avoided. Politicking, quarrelsome and argumentative types are rejected.

We encourage and select people who are honest, humble, committed, courageous and sincere. People with an interest to learn more are given preference. People with too much personal and domestic problems are not given chance to work for us. In short the selected people will be taking their jobs seriously and give their best.


On selection the candidates are inducted into our in-house training programme. The Training Officer conducts the class room training first. All theorectical aspects of security are explained in detail. The guards are encouraged to participate in question and answer session to have a full understanding of the lessons taught. Dummy records and registers are made to demonstrate the function and utility of those records.

During the training period the trainees are given theorectical class room training and practical training on wearing of uniform, standing posture, saluting, smart walking, and Marching besides movements in standing position in uniform. They also thaught First Aid and Fire Fighting & Resque activities in addition they are also shown Modern Security Gadgets used in security services and also thaught their purpose their use.These Trainings are given in our Security Training Institute,which is one among the few training institutes recognized by P S A licence issuing authority, Govt Of Tamilnadu. The training institute is accredited by SSSDC under NSDC Govt Of India to skill train private security personnel. A Detailed Presentation along with photos of the class room and the modern lab facilities of our training institute along with the details of training faculty is provided in the subsequent pages for your kind perusal.


Periodical parade will be conducted by the chief security officer at the clients sites for these guards on duty there. Drills and parades are conducted to expose them to the discipline / and pride of the uniform.

The management belives in quality services that the Managing Director himself goes for unannounced surprise checks of all the units in midnight and predrawn hard.

As a matter of fact, our guards are in uniform not only at their posts but also when they have to visit our office for any reason.

On completion of training at the institute the security personnel are posted on temporary basis to have 'on-the-job-training' They are rotated in various posts of a major unit under the able supervision of an experienced security supervisor. After a short period they are posted temporally with independent charge with a continuous monitoring visits by our Checking Inspectors. This gives the guard-on-training to have the independence to perform up to the best of his ability, then only he is allotted to the Duty officer for regular posting.


The uniform worn by our guards are not readymade. They are stitched in house for his measurements by the company´┐Żs Dressmaker. Wearing a right fitting uniform will definitely make him look good and work smart.


A famous dictum goes around the circles of Human Relations; 'When you offer peanuts you only get monkeys'. We totally agree with the poignant truth that rings behind the jovial remark. A better pay packet will attract good talents in any cadre and in any industry. We are no exception. We offer a salary better than the usual offer in the industry. We modestly state that we are one of the select few companies who pay reasonably good salary.

In addition to the salary we pay PROVIDENT FUND AND EMPLOYEES STATE INSURANCE CONTRIBUTIONS to the appropriate authorities The ESIC will take care of the health and medical coverage for the employee and his dependents. PROVIDENT FUND will be a handy sum of money when they retire or leave the job for good.

We have also created CPSS PVT LTD EMPLOYEES GROUP GRATUITY SCHEME in which one of our employees is invited to be a member in the Board of Trustees. The Scheme has taken a master policy to cover all the employees. All our employees are beneficiaries of TAMILNADU LABOUR WELFARE BOARD.


An uniformed person should be always clean shaven and have his hair neatly cut. Though the security industry is aware of the importance of this it is quite ironical that most of the guards in the most of the security organizations (and in particular the 'bureaus' and 'agencies') seem to be not aware of it.

We have not only issued an order that the guards should always be clean shaven and be with a neat hair cut but-

a. We have made arrangement with select barber shops so that our guards can have neat hair cut every month ABSOLUTELY FREE OF COST.

b. We have been issuing ONE PACKET OF RAZOR BLADES along with their salary disbursement for every guard every month free of cost.

In addition to these we provide HOLIDAY WAGES, LEAVE WAGES, BONUS, GRATUITY and INSURANCE etc for all eligible employees.


In order to give chances to the existing workforce for larger responsibilities we prefer in-house promotions than outside inducements. We have many people in our organization who have grown from very ordinary level to a higher level.Spotless record, spirit of teamwork, loyalty to us and to our clients, willingness to shoulder responsibilities are considered as main criteria for promotion. We adopt professional measuring standards for promotion without any reservation or favour.


All the Security Inspectors are provided with Motorcycles enabling them to be mobile always. They travels the city and suburbs, wherever the clients are situated, to check the guards, clients/unit on daily basis to visit the clients, and to attend complaints, if any... Enabling the clients to reach us anytime we have provided Cellular Phones to our Inspectors. Every one is familiar with the locations of all the clients and can reach anytime of the day or nigh should the need arise.

Supervision and surprise visits, periodical night visits are conducted by our Inspectors. Our inspectors are not only trained in security jobs but also in assessing the vulnerability of the places and people. Depending on the situation the Manager Operation & Training instruct the Inspector to conduct surprise night checks. Except the Manager Operation & Training no one is entitled to know the programme in advance.

The management belives in quality services that the Managing Director himself goes for unannounced surprise checks of all the units in midnight and predrawn hours.